Tata AIG Insurance

tata aig insurance

Tata aig general insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies in India. There are many types of tata aig insurance products you can buy online in India like health insurance, car insurance, tata aig commercial vehicle insurance & many more. We are going to discuss more about commercial vehicle insurance by tata aig in this article.

Tata AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Tata aig provides two types of insurance for commercial vehicles in India. One is third party tata aig commercial vehicle insurance and another one is comprehensive tata aig commercial vehicle insurance. some popular examples of tata aig commercial vehicle insurance are listed here

  1. Tata ace insurance
  2. Tractor Insurance
  3. School Bus Insurance
  4. Auto Rickshaw Insurance
  5. Bolero Pickup Insurance
  6. Pickup Insurance
  7. Tata Truck Insurance
  8. Tata Magic Insurance

Types Of Tata AIG Insurance Plans

There are two types of tata aig insurance plans available to buy online in India

  1. Third Party Insurance – This type of insurance plan cover damages up to 7.5 lac rupees for third party properties such as shops, bikes, other vehicles etc.
    Third party tata aig insurance also covers liability risks of third party deaths & injuries.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance – First party or comprehensive insurance plan by tata aig is package protection for your vehicle which provide both third party coverage and claims for your own vehicle at the time of accident, theft, fire or any kind of natural or manmade calamity.

What Are The Benefits Of Tata AIG Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

List of top 10 benefits of tata aig commercial vehicle insurance in India

  1. Third Party Coverage
  2. Own Damage Coverage
  3. IMT 23 Cover
  4. Cashless Claims
  5. 24*7 Helpline Service
  6. Road Side Assistance
  7. Towing Facility
  8. Zero Depreciation Cover For Commercial Vehicles.
  9. Easy Claims
  10. Geographical Extension Cover

What is covered in Tata AIG Insurance

  1. Third Party Losses
  2. Theft of vehicle
  3. Damages caused by fire
  4. Accidents
  5. Natural Calamites & Manmade Calamities.

What Is Not Covered In Tata aig Insurance

  1. Intentional Damages to the commercial vehicle.
  2. Drink & Drive
  3. Driving without valid license
  4. Own damages of the vehicles for third party policy holders.
  5. Any consequential damage.

How To File For A Claim

Call at tata aig’s toll free number to raise an insurance claim or your can also reach the nearest tata aig insurance branch office in your city. You can locate the tata aig branch on their official website here.

Documents Needed To Raise An Insurance Claim With Tata AIG

  1. Registration certificate of the vehicle.
  2. Active Tata AIG policy.
  3. Previous year policy copy.
  4. Fitness Certificate.
  5. Valid Pollution Certificate.
  6. All other valid chalan copies.


Which vehicles are covered under commercial auto insurance?

List of vehicle covered under commercial auto insurance
1. Three Wheeler Goods & Passenger Auto Rickshaws
2. Pickup vans
3. Trucks used for both private & public goods transport.
4. Commercial/Private Bus
5. School Vans, School Bus
6. Tractor (Agricultural Use & Commercial Use)
7. All other miscellaneous vehicles such as excavators, cranes, ambulance etc.

How much is no claim bonus in tata aig insurance?

No claim bonus is a discount given on the own damage premium and depends upon claim history in expiring policy and generally awarded between 0 to 50% as per the eligibility.

How can I know my tata aig policy details?

You can check your tata aig commercial vehicle insurance details online by following these steps
1. Download mparivahan app from play store and login or register
2. Enter your vehicle details and it will show policy number and insurance expiry date of your tata aig policy with other relevant vehicle details.