Miscellaneous Vehicle Insurance

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miscellaneous vehicle insurance

Miscellaneous vehicle insurance policy provide coverage against the damages caused to or by miscellaneous vehicles such as tractor, JCB, cranes and other special type of vehicles. Miscellaneous vehicles are vehicles which are not used for transporting goods or carrying passengers but for other works such as construction or in emergency services such as ambulance or fire suppressing vehicles.

Types of vehicles covered in miscellaneous vehicle insurance

  • Tractors used for agriculture purpose.
  • Construction vehicles such as JCB, Cranes etc.
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Brigade
  • Machine mounted vehicles.

What’s covered in miscellaneous vehicle insurance?

collision coverage in miscellaneous vehicle insurance


Miscellaneous vehicle insurance provide coverage against the losses to or by insured vehicle in case of an accident.


Miscellaneous vehicles are covered for claims in case of vehicle being stolen.

theft cover in misc vehicle insurance
third party coverage in miscellaneous vehicle insurance

Third Party Losses

Damages up to 7.5 lac and unlimited liabilities to third parties are covered in miscellaneous vehicle insurance policy.


Damages or loss of vehicle due to fire in miscellaneous vehicle insurance is covered.

coverage against fire in miscellaneous vehicle insurance
towing disabled vehicle damage cover

Towing Disabled Vehicle

This policy includes the coverage of damages to insured vehicle at the time of vehicle being towed.

Natural Disasters

Damages or loss of miscellaneous vehicle in case of a natural calamity is covered in this policy.

coverage against natural calamities

What’s not covered?

Following are the exclusions in a miscellaneous vehicle insurance policy
• General Wear & Tear
• Any loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to war, invasion or nuclear warfare etc.
• Mechanical or electrical breakdown
• Any loss or damage caused outside the geographical area of coverage as mentioned in the policy.
• Usual depreciation of the value of the vehicle.
• Driving without appropriate driving license.
• Non-accidental losses.
• Any loss occurred to insured vehicle while using the vehicle for racing or any illegal purposes.
• Any losses occurred while drunk driving of the vehicle.

Cost of miscellaneous vehicle insurance in India

Third party insurance price is Rs. 6847 plus GST for miscellaneous vehicles in India. Comprehensive insurance price depend on type of vehicles and coverage opted by the customer in the policy.

Key features of miscellaneous vehicle insurance

Key featureBenefits on buying from Policymeter.com
Damages to third partyTPPD cover up to 7.5 lac & Unlimited for liabilities.
Accidental CoverageUp to sum insured.
Theft CoverIncluded in comprehensive policy.
Claims ProcessHassle free paperless easy process

Types of miscellaneous vehicle insurance

  • Third party goods carrying vehicle insurance – A third party goods carrying vehicle insurance is a commercial vehicle insurance that covers any legal liabilities resulting from any third-party damages caused by the insured vehicle. It covers third-party property or person damage caused by the insured vehicle or the vehicle being carried. It also provides personal accident coverage for the truck’s owner-driver.
  • Comprehensive goods carrying vehicle insurance – It protects the insured vehicle completely by covering third-party liabilities as well as own vehicle damage. In addition to third-party person and property damage coverage, it also includes any loss or damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire, accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, or theft. This insurance, just like a third party plan, also covers the owner/driver of the goods carrying vehicle for personal accidents.

How to make a cashless claim in a miscellaneous vehicle insurance online

  • Inform the insurance company about the incident.
  • The insurance provider will make a physical inspection of the truck.
  • Network garage will make the repair work evaluation.
  • The insurer will approve the repair following the repair work at the network garage.
  • After repairs, the invoice is submitted to the insurance provider.
  • Fill up the claim form and submit all the other required documents.
  • The bill will be settled directly with the network garage.

Documents required

  • Copy of Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Original loss estimate
  • Original repair bill or invoice
  • Repair bill payment receipt
  • Police FIR (in case of third party liabilities)
  • Vehicle’s keys (in case of theft)
  • Non-traceable certificate (in case of theft)

FAQs about Miscellaneous Vehicle Insurance in India

Which vehicles are classed as miscellaneous vehicles?

Vehicles such as agricultural tractor, JCB, Cranes, Ambulance and other special vehicles which are not used for carrying passenger or transporting goods are classed as miscellaneous vehicles.

Can I buy miscellaneous vehicle insurance online in India?

Yes. You can buy miscellaneous vehicle insurance online in India from insurance company websites or from any web aggregator website in India.

Is JCB a miscellaneous type of vehicle?

Yes. JCB is a miscellaneous type of vehicle as its only used in construction purposes and not in carrying goods or passnegers.

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