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Tata ACE Gold insurance protects insured vehicle and its owner from losses arising out of an accident, theft, fire & natural disasters. There are two types of tata ace gold pickup insurance available, one is third party & another is comprehensive insurance. Price for these plans starts from 15746+GST

Tata ACE Gold Insurance Price

Tata ACE gold insurance price is 15746 for carrying private or public goods in India for a third party policy. This includes TPPD cover of 7.5 lac and unlimited cover to third party liabilities for deaths & Injuries.

For covering own damages one needs to opt for comprehensive tata ace gold insurance as third party insurance does not cover damages to your own vehicle.

Key features Of Tata ACE Gold Insurance

Key featureBenefit
Damages to third partyTPPD cover up to Rs. 750000.
Accidental CoverageOwn Damage To Vehicle, Paid Driver, Conductor
Theft CoverCovered Up to sum insured.
Models CoveredTata Ace Gold, Tata Ace gold BSIII, Tata Ace Gold BSIV, Tata ACE Gold CNG

Tata ACE Gold Insurance Price List 2022

Third party insurance price list for popular tata ace gold models in India

Tata ACE Gold ModelInsurance Price
Tata ACE Gold BSII15746
Tata ACE Gold BSIII15800
Tata ACE Gold BSIV15825
Tata ACE Gold CNG15982

What’s covered In Tata ACE Gold Insurance?

tata ace gold insurance


Damages to or from tata ace gold in case of any accident or collision.


Partial or total loss of tata ace gold due to fire hazards.

fire hazard coverage for tata ace gold
theft policy


Loss of vehicle due to theft

Natural Calamity

Any partial or total damage to tata ace in case of any natural disaster such as lightning, flood, storm etc.

natural calamity
tata ace gold third party insurance

Third Party Losses

Third party property damage is covered up to 7.5 lac & injuries/deaths of third parties are covered by unlimited amount.

What’s not covered In Tata ACE Gold Insurance?

Following are the exclusions when your vehicle is not covered in this policy
• General Wear & Tear
• Any loss or damage to tata ace due to war, invasion or nuclear warfare etc.
• Mechanical or electrical breakdown of tata ace
• Any loss or damage caused outside the geographical area of coverage as mentioned in the policy.
• Usual depreciation of the value of tata ace
• Driving without appropriate driving license.
• Non-accidental losses.
• Any loss occurred to tata ace while using the vehicle for racing or any illegal purposes.
• Any losses occurred while drunk driving the tata ace.

Types Of Tata ACE Gold Insurance 

1. Third Party Tata Ace Insurance – This form of commercial vehicle insurance plan covers any third party liabilities stemming from any damages caused by the covered truck to other people involved in accident. It covers third-party property or person damage caused by the insured truck or the vehicle being towed by the covered truck while also providing personal accident coverage for the tata ace owner-driver.

2. Comprehensive Insurance – Apart from covering all things as mentioned above in third party insurance, comprehensive insurance will also cover the damages to own vehicle in case of any accident, theft or fire or damage to the vehicle by any external means.

Since third party insurance plan is limited and does not cover your own vehicle it is always advisable to buy comprehensive insurance for tata ace gold

insurance Price for private and public goods carrying tata ace gold

Tata ace insurance price is Rs. 8432 plus GST for third party policy if it is used for carrying private goods and 15746 plus GST if it’s is used for public goods carrying purpose. For comprehensive rates please refer to tata ace insurance price list 2022.

Claiming Process In Tata ACE Gold Insurance

If you need to register a claim for you Tata Ace gold you should immediately inform the insurer in case of any accident or damage that has occurred to the vehicle. 

You can inform the insurer by reaching out to them via phone number which is usually mentioned on all policy copies or you can also reach them via email. The file a claim is you need to fill the claim form which is available on all insurer sites

List Of Documents required While Filling A Claim In Tata ACE Gold Insurance Policy

Following is the list of documents you should keep handy while filing the claim for you Tata Ace gold commercial vehicle

  • Filled claim form
  • Vehicle Registration certificate and Driving license
  • Fitness certificate
  • Load Challan
  • Tax Slips
  • Original Insurance copy. (Print of soft copy is also valid)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Permit Copy
  • First Information Report copy 

Insurance Add on covers available In Tata ACE Gold Insurance

  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • IMT 23 Cover
  • Paid Driver Cover
  • Owner Driver Cover
  • Cover to other employees such as conductor or coolie
  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover


What is the price for tata ace gold insurance?

Tata ace gold insurance price is 15746+GST for a third party liability only policy.

How much one need to pay for third party tata ae gold insurance?

17750 Rupees Including GST.

What is the difference between third party & first party tata ace gold insurance?

Third party insurance for tata ace only protect its owner from financial losses arising out of third party property damages & injuries or loss of third party lives while comprehensive or first party insurance for tata ace also covers own damages to vehicle and not just third party liabilities.

What are the documents required to buy tata ace gold insurance online in India?

1. Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
2. Existing Policy Copy if Insurance is active or not expired for more than 90 days.
3. Valid Pollution Certificate
4. Valid FASTtag.

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