Bajaj Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw Insurance

Bajaj auto rickshaw Insurance is a type of policy that helps provide protection against damages or losses to Bajaj three wheeler In case of any mishap such as accidents, manmade or natural calamities.

Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance Price

Bajaj auto rickshaw insurance price is 5499 for a Bajaj auto with three sitting capacity.

If the sitting capacity is four then cost of buying third party policy for bajaj auto rickshaw in India is 7200 Rupees Including Taxes.

Bajaj Auto rickshaw insurance price list

List of popular bajaj auto rickshaws in India and their latest insurance price for 2022 –

Bajaj Auto Rickshaw ModelINSURANCE PRICE
Bajaj RE 2S5499
Bajaj Maxima6318
Bajaj 1456899
Bajaj Optima6999
Bajaj RE 4S7300

Key features

Key FeaturesBenefits
Damages to third partyTPPD cover up to 7.5 lac & Unlimited for liabilities.
Accidental CoverageUp to sum insured.
Theft CoverIncluded in comprehensive policy.

Types of Bajaj Three Wheeler Auto Insurance Plans

There are two types of bajaj auto rickshaw policies available online in India.

  1. Third Party Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance – This policy provides protection to insured bajaj auto rickshaw from losses arising because of third party property damages or loss of lives or injuries to third parties. This type of policy does not cover own damages to insured bajaj auto rickshaw.

2. Comprehensive Or First Party Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance – Comprehensive insurance or first party insurance for bajaj auto rickshaw is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that includes all of the coverage in third party policy as well as provide cover to own damages to Bajaj Auto rickshaw in case of any mishaps. It is best advised to buy comprehensive package policy for Bajaj Auto Rickshaw in India.

Inclusions In Bajaj Three Wheeler Auto Insurance

third party bajaj auto rickshaw insurance


Damages caused to or by insured bajaj auto rickshaw in an accident are covered in this policy.


Partial and total loss of bajaj auto rickshaw because of fire.

fire insurance
bajaj auto rickshaw insurance


Loss of the vehicle due to theft incidents are covered in auto rickshaw insurance policy.


Any damage or total loss of auto rickshaw due to natural calamity such as floods, lightning, storms etc.

natural calamity
three wheeler bajaj auto rickshaw third party policy


Up to 7.5 lac third party property damage & unlimited coverage for injury/death of a third party person.

Plan Exclusions

Following are the exclusions in a bajaj auto insurance policy
• General Wear & Tear
• Any loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to war, invasion or nuclear warfare etc.
• Mechanical or electrical breakdown
• Any loss or damage caused outside the geographical area of coverage as mentioned in the policy.
• Usual depreciation of the value of the vehicle.
• Driving without appropriate driving license.
• Non-accidental losses.
• Any loss occurred to insured vehicle while using the vehicle for racing or any illegal purposes.
• Any losses occurred while drunk driving of an auto rickshaw

How to register for claims?

  • Inform the insurance company about the incident involving your auto rickshaw
  • The insurance provider will make a physical inspection of the vehicle
  • Network garage will make the repair work evaluation.
  • The insurer will approve the repair following the repair work at the network garage.
  • After repairs, the invoice is submitted to the insurance provider.
  • Fill up the claim form and submit all the other required documents.
  • The bill will be settled directly with the network garage.

Documents required to file a claim in Bajaj Auto Insurance

  • Copy of Registration Certificate (RC) of auto rickshaw
  • Original loss estimate
  • Original repair bill or invoice
  • Repair bill payment receipt
  • Police FIR (in case of third party liabilities)
  • Vehicle’s keys (in case of theft)
  • Non-traceable certificate